Intro (en)

The eyerun podcast is a mix of interview and talk about Parkour and sports in general.

Evan Beyer (en)

Changing yourself through Parkour (reupload)

Enis Maslic

How to make money with Parkour?

Sam ‘Ultima’ Govindin

Sam is a passionated athlete and filmmaker from Paris

Valentin Dubois

Valentin wants to become the world champion in Parkour

Bogdan “Boki” Cvetkovic

Boki is a Parkour practitioner since 2003 and a Parkour pioneer in Serbia.

Jospeh Bartz (de)

Joseph Bartz ist Joseph Bartz aus Berlin.

Jesse Danger

Jesse Danger about the mastery through play.

Sébastien Foucan (en)

one of the founder of the movement called Parkour and Freerunning

Paul van Kaldenkerken (de)

Paul from Berlin about Parkour and Philosophy (in german language)